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General Strategy of Vemula Syamishree

General Strategy of Vemula Syamishree
(CA Inter Nov 2020)

👩‍🎓She Scored 320/400 marks in Group 1

I made sure that i practiced about 10 question papers (incl mtp,rtp) of every subject.

When i practiced those papers, i had marked all imp ques which i felt that its imp from exam point of view. and kept revising those ques frequently.

I made sure that Atleast 2 sub in the group are my strongest and aimed at exemption in those sub.

I hadn’t missed any illustration and back ques of module.
I didn’t do all those ques in writing but i made sure that i practiced the ques which are conceptual /difficult.

ICAI module is really the bible. I mean it.

I had a good time table to follow.
in the last 50 days – i studied for 12 hrs with full concentration.
I had enough breaks too.

Also , i never sacrificed my sleep. I had 7.5 hrs of sleep everyday except during exam where it was 7 hrs.
I had a walk everyday for 30 min as things were really mentally exhausting.

Coming To Revision during exams ,
I had good plan for revision during 1.5 days.
So , in those 1.5 days i just revised important ques of module and those which i marked during practice.

And I had made a sections list for law and tax and formula book for costing which i revised everyday for 20 min.
I revised the provisions(tax and law) twice during 1.5 days.

In this way i made it . This looks easy while reading but its not . rather i would say i made my everyday simple which kept me going.

Finally , i would like to say that things are not difficult, you are making it. Find A good strategy to follow which fits in according to your convenience. Believe Me you will experie
nce miracles.

Your hardwork will definitely pay off.

All the best😊

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