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Gowtham Commerce Institute

CA Final results are out!

CA Final results are out and there are students who cleared .. students who could not make this time yet again …

👸This was my story too until Nov 2020 … But FINALLY I BECAME CA AFTER MANY (apprx 13-14) years of struggle… including the years when I did not appear due to genuine reasons

✍There were too many ups and downs.. emotional breakdowns.. professional breakdowns.. personal ones too, during this journey .. few times I did not appear also because situation were not easy for me and when I appeared I could not clear for few marks .. missed Exemptions by 1 mark many times..and that too in different subjects. Everytime when I failed my friends… my colleagues .. my family could not believe I failed .. that use to break me also down .. because we know we have the caliber .. I use to cry it out and get up the next day with full bounce ..So ONE THING WAS CONSITENT, I DID NOT GIVE UP…but being a girl I knew how many responsibilities I ll have to shoulder once I am a married woman.. So I kept listening to all the critics and but within my mind never forgot my MISISON .. My UNFINISHED BUSINESS..

JUST FINISH YOUR UNFINISHED goals … DONT leave them for anyone… for anything … let ppl think what they have to .. let ppl judge you .. JUST REMEMBER NO ONE CAN DECIDE YOUR CALIBER … EXCEPT YOU… Literally no one .. not even your family !!
BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.. AND GET UP AND GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT once again … because in the end IT’S all WORTH IT !!

The Role of CMA by Gowtham Institution

Cost and Management Accounts provides the ability to handle management decision, budget estimations, financial effectiveness, revenue accountability and profit. Point 1: Planning Management Cost Point

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